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RBH Axiom Lite Training

Thank you for choosing Axiom Lite as your Security Management System. This page has been setup to ensure that your system is installed correctly and you can get the most out of the functionality of the system.

Axiom Lite Presentation

Pc Requirements & Software Install

The following installation guides should provide everything you need to make sure the Axiom Lite software installation goes smoothly.

  • Home edition operating systems are not supported (See Quickstart Guide)

  • Virtual machine support (See VM Info)

  • Axiom Lite is only tested on windows operating systems

  • Before installation UAC (User Account Control) anti-virus and firewall must be turned off

  • Full administration rights on the PC are required

Adding and Configuring Hardware

Once the software is installed, you should now be able to login using the default username and password (rbh & password) to start configuring the hardware. The Axiom Lite installs with a UNC100 2 door controller by default with many of the defaults setup to get the system up and running quickly.

Back up your system

RBH recommends configuring your system to automatically backup at regular intervals, this will prevent data loss in the

event of a failure. Backups can be pointed to an external or network drive so the system information isn't all stored on a

single PC.

General Setup of the Axiom Lite System

The guides below have been created for both the installer and end user to make it simple to administer the Axiom Lite.

Additional guides

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